Grand Avenue Bridge Interactive Mapping Project

In anticipation of lengthy construction closure of the Grand Avenue Bridge, the New Haven Economic Development Administration hosted an event to celebrate the bridge and engage residents in the surrounding neighborhoods of Fair Haven and Fair Haven Heights. For the Yale School of Architceture’s participation in the event, I designed an interactive mapping activity.

Participants were tasked with tracking a site in the bridge’s vicinity over time—from 1886 to present day—by physically connecting a sequence of Sanborn fire insurance maps with pins and string. The final part of the sequence, a blank map, was used as a way to imagine the Grand Avenue Bridge area through collective memory. The goal of the activity was to facilitate interaction with the area’s built history and highlight linkages between past and present.

Special thanks to Helen Dugmore and Robert Samec for aiding in the facilitation of the activity. Created for Prof. Elihu Rubin/The Yale Urban Media Project.
4 printed maps, 30” x 40” each, pins, string.